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Payforessay.Net Review 2019: Why the Company Stands Out

I am a student who is studying Business. Like many students my biggest concern is time. No matter what I do, I can never seem to balance my schedule between school work and personal life effectively. A big reason for this is that my assignments are too many for me to handle.

For a long time, I was one of those people who believed that I have to finish all my essays by myself no matter what. But after many searches online I discovered a good service that ticked all my boxes. I was a bit hesitant at first, but at this time I did not have any options because I did not have the time.

So, I gave them a short essay to do as a test and see how well it goes. I gave them a two-page paper that was due in a few days. At the back of my mind, I thought that if it does not go well at least It is a short paper and I can always do it myself. I also save money on the order because I used their payforessay coupon.

The paper I got back in a few days was beyond what I expected. In all honesty, I couldn’t have written a better essay. It was well thought out, with no errors and the best thing about it is that it was quite cheap even without the coupon codes they had given me. From then forth they have been my go-to company for all my academic essays.

One of the biggest things that stand out about this writing company is how fast they deliver. Even with essays with very short deadlines; I still got my document back in my stipulated time. This allowed me to go through the assignment in detail and with no rush. In the end, I was able to learn something new and even better submit an assignment that I had complete confidence in.

It is not just the speed and payforessay customer service that impressed me. The quality was also outstanding. For each paper that I had done, they had a different approach to creating it. Even for common topics that many people find monotonous and boring, the writers from the company found a way to make it new and exciting.

The level of their originality lies in how they carry out their research. Every time you give them a new topic to carry out, they will do new research on it. They will find new and fresh material to analyses and will never reuse past papers. In the end, your document will be original and dynamic.

It is not just the writers and the discount code that make this company so dynamic. They also have a set of editors and quality analyst at hand. Once the writer creates your paper, it passes through the quality testers and editors who iron out any errors that may be unseen to the writer.

The writers by themselves are experienced individuals, but some errors may pass them from time to time, it is only human nature. In such situations, the editors will catch these mistakes and makes sure that your document is top notch. At the end of their writing process, you will be thrilled with your assignment and the payforessay discounts you get.

Payforessay.Net Legit Design and Presentation

Professionalism is vital in every business, but more so at online companies. The website of an online company is essentially their office. For this reason, the site should be able to cater to all the clients’ needs. This is precisely the approach has taken in designing their website. Such a clean design ensures that fraud insinuations are nonexistent.

The moment you land on their page, it screams professionalism. The whole website is placed on one page. What this means is that you do not have to go through many links or posts to get what you want. Instead, you can find all the info you wish to from the homepage.

At the top of the website, you will find the “order now button” where you can see payforessay prices. Above this tab is an automatic estimator for the cost of your paper. You can quickly place the kind of writing you want, education level, number of words and the deadline in the box. The automatic calculator will immediately estimate how much you could spend. is very forward about their cost. You do not have to email tech support to get to know the price of anything. Such an approach saves time tremendously, and you can quickly order your paper without scrolling the homepage at all.

As you scroll down the home page, you will notice all the courses that the company has specialized in. This allows you to know if you are in the right place to get your essay done. The good thing about this company is that they have employed writers who have specialized in a variety of topics, meaning they can handle relatively any paper.

You also have access to sample documents so that you may get acquainted with the style of writing the company specializes in. Samples also act as a free resource for any student who has never written a paper before. You get to understand how an essay is structured for free.

Payforessay Is It Reliable in Providing Impeccable Services

The company is an all-inclusive writing agency. This means is that they offer a wide range of academic services. One of the services I enjoy most is its editing. Sometimes I have already created my paper and need proofreading. I quickly submit the paper to the company, and within no time at all, I will have my paperback error-free. This is an affordable service, even without the use of a payforessay promo code. For any student who wishes to do their paper by themselves but still needs an extra pair of eyes to ascertain that the document does not contain any errors.

They use an automated writer assignment process, that ensures immediately you place an order, your work is assigned to a writer. This result in your assignment being worked on immediately and you receive it that much faster. But this automated system does not just pick any writer. It matches you with the best individual matching your instructions.

The company also offers top writer services. This is an added service that matches you with one of the best-rated writers in your discipline. Such writers have written multiple papers in the course you request and have seen great success as a result. This additional service may be slightly more expensive, but with promo codes you do not have to worry.

How to Place an Order

I often judge many academic companies by their ordering system. Some companies will have a long process to get you to give them as much personal information as possible instead of focusing on the instruction of the paper. In this payforessay review, I looked keenly on what is different with this company’s ordering system.

Payforessay safe ordering system is also quick and easy to use. Once you click on the “order now” tab, you will be taken to a one-page form. This means you do not have to continuously click on the next button linked with many other companies to place your order. You do not even have to log in if you are a new client to place your order. This means the ordering process is entirely flexible.

The first thing you will fill in the form is the subject and level of education. From several reviews, I understand that this will help the writer understand how in-depth the paper should be. You then fill in the type of work and style the paper should be formatted in accordance with your school requirements.

Then follow that up and fill in all the instruction and attachments to guide the writer in what you exactly need to be done. Be as detailed as you can in this section. The information will greatly assist the writer in creating a more personal paper.

Fill in your email address and phone number so that you can be alerted on the progress of the paper. If you have a promo code or need any additional services on your paper, you can fill them in at this point. At the bottom of the page, you will get the exact cost of the document and then finally click “Preview my paper.”

The next page is the payment process. On this page, you will get to view your order and see if you made any errors. If you need to correct any instruction merely go back to the previous page and rectify your entries. Many reviews say that this preview page helped them see any small errors they made and rectified them before it was too late.

Payforessay.Net Writers and Why They Stand Out

With many writing companies, their writers are the backbone of the agency. Without good writers, you will probably not get excellent papers. For this reason, is legit business style has created a dynamic recruitment process for its writers.

Everyone goes through several writing tests in different formatting styles to make sure that they understand how to craft a paper using all techniques. Language tests are also carried out, and this ascertains that the writer is well vast in English.

The company only employs native speakers to undertake payforessay writing services. This is to ensure that the individuals employed already have an understanding of how the education system works. Such an understanding makes writing essays easier for them as they can easily relate to the subject at hand.

Furthermore, the writers all have a degree or higher in their area of expertise. This means that they are already familiar with the subject you want an essay done in as they did it as they studied. Apart from having proper academic qualifications, the writers also have a lot of experience in writing. Such expertise enables the writer to create an essay quickly and with ease. In the end, all these requirements from the writer ensure that the company has only the best writer.

Is Payforessay.Net Trustworthy: Making Changes in The Final Document

As we have mentioned each writer in the team has the highest qualifications and as such will only create a quality paper. After they finish writing, the editing team will also look through the paper and make sure that there are no errors. Furthermore, the QAD team will also be at hand to ensure that your essay is top notch. One review for payforessay insisted that the personal approach of the company ensures that there are no errors through diligent paper scrutiny.

By the end of the writing process, your paper will be able to stand out and give you the confidence to hand it in. But is flexible enough to understand that sometimes an individual needs a few changes in the paper to make it more personal. For this reason, you can ask for revisions on your paper which are entirely free for up to two weeks since you received the document.

What Is Payforessay Plagiarism Free Essay All About

One of the best things I noticed about is their research process. Each assignment you give to them to do, new research will be carried on it. They will use new material and the most recent documentation to do this research.

If you have research documents that you would like them to use as well such as your notes or lecturers’ notes, you can ask them to use them. But the writer will go through the resources and understand them in-depth.

In the end, they will create an original document that has no paraphrasing or plagiarism that has been the rave of many reviews on the net. Even with the in-text citation, an area where many students often plagiarize, the company ensures that there is no such mistake.

In the end, you will get an original and interesting document. You will also receive a plagiarism report that ascertains your copy is 100% original. One of the biggest mistakes a student can ever make is handing in unoriginal work. The school will often penalize such a mistake strictly. Many times, the error arose without your intention in doing it. Maybe through citation or paraphrasing. By letting this professional team handle your paper for you, no such situations will arise.

  • Communication

One of the biggest questions see cropping out when it comes to essay writing companies is if you can call or email your writer. Though at the surface, it may be a good idea, it can significantly affect your anonymity. It can make your information public, which is something every student using essay services wants to avoid.

In its place, the company has put in place a messaging board that you can directly communicate with the writer which has made payforessay rating positive to many. From this messaging system, you can continuously get updates on the progress of your paper putting you at ease. The writer can also ask for clarifications on your instructions directly reducing any distorting of information.

One of my favorite communication channels on the site is the live chat at the bottom right of the site. You can either choose to message through the site or use FB messenger. Facebook manager allows you to exit the website and still get a response directly in one of the most popular social media platforms. The live chat also offers a quick way to get an answer before you proceed further without having to exit the page you are. support also has other communication channels such as emails and phone calls. Most of my emails have been answered in a few hours, which helps me clarify the matter without much hustle. The hotline provides the quickest way to get a response and should take you no more than a few minutes to get your clarification.

Is Payforessay Reliable? Here Is What People Are Saying

One of the most important things to look at before choosing an online essay company is the testimonials from other users. People will often take to the web to show their regrets or joy after using a company.

It is no surprise however that after skewering the net, I only found positive reviews on First of all, that prominently display their testimonials on the home page for all to see. This is the first indication that people are happy with their services.

But you shouldn’t end your search for the company’s testimonials there. Instead, go to other websites that review such products see what people say about the service. More often than not, such testimonials from other sites are unbiased.

One of the things I see other reviews say about is how reliable they are. Many people do not have the fear that the order will not be complete or it will be substandard. All they have to do is put in a request and wait. Such public trust is why scam allegations are nonexistent.

Another group of online reviews insists that the service is affordable. That you genuinely get worth for your money. They also say that the coupons they give to them have much helped them to get more orders done and save a lot more.

Privacy and Safety of Your Information

Many students, including myself, love to keep our information private. It is not only safe for you, but it also ensures that your personal information does not leak to a third party. For this reason, many payforessay testimonials prove that they have taken several steps to guarantee privacy.

When you sign up on the website all your information is not stored on the site. Only your username is saved. You can be reached through this code name without either your name or email address is available to the public.

The work done for you will also be sent to you alone. The mail you provide is the only one that will receive your document. This means that you will be the only one able to access this paper after it is complete.

Furthermore, you are not allowed to communicate with the writers directly. There is a message board installed that enables you to give instructions to the writer in an anonymous way that only displays your user name. The tech support can also act as a bridge between you and the writer.

Payforessay.Net Prices Review: How It Breaks Down the Cost

Price is one thing that discourages many students from using essay services, and I base much of my payforessay review on this. Many people work under strict budgets and adding essay services to that list is just not possible for many. Unless you use which has created a great way to price their services affordable.

The company uses a breakdown system while pricing, meaning that you see precisely what your money is for. This breakdown can be viewed simultaneously as you fill the order form. This allows you to choose the services you want and check on the price as well. In the end, you can quickly budget on this knowing fully well that the price will not change after checking out of the page.

Suffice the company offering an affordable rate for the papers the pricing does not affect the quality. You can be sure that you will get an essay that is well researched and error free. The company also offers bonuses to make it more affordable. Reliable Discounts

Any good company does not underestimate the power of a refund. A discount not only makes a product more affordable to a client but also creates customer loyalty. has created a discount system that I truly appreciate.

For your first order, 10% of the total billing will be given back to you in the form of points. These points can be later used to order another paper. Such points never expire, and you can accumulate them for as long as you want and use them when you need.

For every order you request after the first, you will be converted to the said points. In other words, the more you use the service, the more points you tally. I love to accumulate them and then use them in a big order that would otherwise have been more expensive.

As I wrote this payforessay review and did my article research, I noticed how this system had saved me so much money. I have enough points to ensure that any order I make will be cheap for me. They also offer periodic discounts from time to time, for long-serving clients. Such offers will be directly delivered to your email.

payforessay review: How the Bonus system works

Apart from the discounts and promo codes, the company rewards its clients with an opportunity to participate in the bonus system. The bonus system is not just for the clients, but for the writers as well.

  • The company with a bonus usually rewards each writer who creates quality work consistently. For writers who have been requested by a client to do another paper for them will also get a reward.
  • As a writer, if you turn in an essay early and with good quality, you also receive a bonus for the quick turnover. In the end, the bonus system for writers works as a motivational pull.
  • For clients, the bonus system works when you bring a referral to the company. You get additional points every time your referral makes an order.
  • The more people you bring to the company the more score you accumulate. The points can then be cashed out or used to order for a new paper.
  • The bonus system is used both to draw new clients by rewarding current customers who bring their friends. And motivate hard working writers who continuously produce good work.

In the end, it creates a happier working system for the company answering the question, “does work?” For many.

Payforessay Services: How to Payment

Online payments can be a tricky situation. Without a secure method of payment, you may be susceptible to digital fraud. has only selected the most secure payment options to work with. These secure platforms offer excellent encryption services that will make your information safe.

You can also use PayPal and Skrill to make your payment. These online platforms only require you to use your email address to make a payment. No other information will be displayed even to the company.

But a payment option that I have seen many reviews enjoy is crediting your account before making an order. In simple terms, you give them the money first directly. What this means is that I expose my personal information fewer times on the internet. So anytime I want to pay for all orders, the company has to do debit my account without using my bank or PayPal information.

The company has employed various ways you can pay for the service. It is up to you to pick the one that is most convenient for you without transferring the amount to a different method of payment. This may make it more expensive as you may incur additional charges.

How the Refund Policy Works

The writing process at is one of the best I have ever seen. Starting with the easy ordering process for editing and delivery. They have made sure that you get the quality document that you have paid for.

But sometimes you may feel that the paper did not meet your requirements. And for this reason, the company has put in place a refund policy that ensures you get your money back. But as I have experienced, sometimes it is better to use their free revision policy first and see if the changes made will meet your standards.

The thing that impressed me most about this money back guarantee is that the company is confident enough in its service to make such a bold statement. In the end, it only builds my confidence in them. Even though I have never used, the refund policy and the only reason I even found out about it is through the research for this payforessay review. I still think it is an empowering clause to have in the contract with the company.

Furthermore, the refund policy only motives the company team to work harder as there are stakes involved. I don’t believe that this is the reason why they put the clause in place. However, it shows that they are always willing to put the client first.

Reasons I always choose this service

I have been using the service myself for a long time. One of the reasons I keep going back to the company is that I love the quality of the papers I receive. Not only that, but the speed of the delivery means that I can get my papers done in a few hours before the deadline. This is backed up by the countless reviews online.

But what stands out for me is the customer support. They are friendly and always willing to help. The tech support will always have a solution for you. This ensures that you are at ease when your paper is being done. Plus, the constant updates on your paper you are always involved in the creative cycle of your work.

Place Your Order

Like many of you, I was afraid to use in the first place. All those negative ratings on the net about online essay companies made me nervous. But with my busy schedule and little time to complete the school assignments, I decided to give it a try. I first read countless reviews before I made my decision, and this helped me.

You may also be in the same situation. Maybe you are not a very good writer, or you do not understand the topic at hand. Sometimes doing the essay yourself can lead you to use so much time, time that you would have better used to going to class and learning new things rather than writing assignments.

Leave the paper writing to experienced professionals and be at ease. Don’t just take my payforessay review, try the service yourself so that you can better understand what they are offering. Firsthand experience is usually the most critical aspect of using any service.

Reach out to their tech support even before you place an order and get familiar with as a whole. In the end, I am sure you will be quite happy with the work they deliver.

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