Review 2019 Review 2019: Can You Trust This Service?

One of the possible questions that students may have is, “Is a good service?” It is a popular choice of many pupils who are looking for assistance with their homework assignments. That is why we decided to examine this website from all possible aspects to let you know whether it is as good as they say or not. We recommend reading this and other reviews as well as feedback of real customers first before making the final decision. As there are many writing services online today, one should be very careful when choosing the one he or she can trust.

The demand for academic writing services grows with each new year, and it makes sense as tutors nowadays assign large amounts of homework expecting the best results from the overwhelmed students. That is absolutely unethical from their sides, and we believe it is okay to order one essay out of five to avoid a failing grade simply because you had no time for some tasks. You should prioritize your assignments, and delegate the most important ones or, vice versa, the secondary ones to academic writers if you want to achieve the top results. Of course, if you are not striving to obtain the best grade, you can quickly do a messy job yourself or order cheap, low-quality essay writers.

We are here to prevent you from dealing with fraudulent services that trick students and grab their money, offering low-quality work in return. Our team of experts knows what to look at when evaluating an essay writing service. We are here to answer several critical questions that you might have about the company, “Is fraud?” “Paramount Essays is it reliable and can I delegate my tasks to them?” Even though the competition in the essay writing market is pretty high now, this service seems to be among the top-preferred. So, it made us think that students can count on it from the first look at the website.

One more critical question sounds like, “Is Paramount Essay legit?” In this case, all essay writing companies are equal as they are not against the law. Some people may consider them unethical, but, as we’ve mentioned before, it is also wrong to assign so many tasks to the students who need some time for other things in their lives. If the teachers do not respect the right of students to have free time, it is okay to turn to services like Paramount and ask for help.

We tried to base this review on several critical factors. We made it as objective as possible, so it sounds positive only because the company deserves to be treated this way. After analyzing all the necessary factors, we have realized that. Perhaps, Paramount Essayis not the best option on the market, but it is still a great way to avoid problems with academic assignments. From web design and navigation to prices, we have evaluated every single factor that may matter to the potential customer. On the whole, we have reviewed the following factors:

  • Website design and content
  • Prices and discounts
  • Ordering process
  • Quality of services
  • Professionalism of writers
  • Speed of delivery
  • Etc.

We are ready to share the most objective and fair Paramount Essays review with you. Find out if you can order good papers there.

Website Design: Our First Impressions

It is easy to answer the question, “Is scam?” By having a look at the website of this company, it is possible to tell a lot. At first, we disliked the overall look. It seemed too simple to us. However, we understood that the content matters more than design in this case. Some companies have amazing designs, but their websites lack important information or contain too many mistakes. The main page contains a great amount of text, but it offers the answers to all the critical and even secondary questions that first-time buyers may have.

The header is very modest, but it contains the most important info like that the company operates around-the-clock as well as contact information for immediate reach. The menu which is located on the left side of the site is excellent: it is one of the fullest menus we have ever seen in our practice. It proves that Paramountessays.comis full of necessary information and details about their services. They have this convenient FAQ that saves plenty of customer’s time. Free essay samples are also included, and one can tell a lot from them.

The website also has a blog with free, educating articles related to paper writing and some other academic topics. Actually, we did not like the way blog looks and is structured at all, but that is not the main thing in our reviews: after all, it matters how well the quality of services is, not the blog. Still, the blog contains some useful information. You will also find the detailed descriptions of the offered services and benefits in the left.

The tiny phone button-logo is following you across the website. It does not look annoying at all. It just reminds you that you can call the company for free at any time and ask all the urgent questions. The phone icon also means that you can reach customer service at any time and solve any issues that may disturb you.

Services That the Company Offers

The primary thing is to discuss Paramount Essays services. Only based on their list and quality, it is possible to come up with a fair, complete Paramount Essays review. We were, first of all, looking for the company which offers all possible services: from custom writing to proofreading & editing. It appears that you can count on this team when it comes to a variety of services.

Also, they have an impressive list of academic papers they deal with. Perhaps, thanks to the fact the company hires a diverse workforce that specializes in various fields of study made it possible to include so many projects:

  • Essays
  • Book and film reports
  • Coursework projects
  • Personal statements
  • Research and term papers
  • Dissertations and theses

The local writers can develop your project from scratch. It means writing a 100% unique work. Also, if you have your own draft and do not need the entire project from zero, tell the local editors to check your work and fix the mistakes. They will take care of grammar, spelling, punctuation, formatting, and vocabulary. They will even improve the structure to make a paper flow logically and more interesting in general.

The next step in the series of Paramount Essays reviews is to review the process of the order. We found it pretty simple and clear.

Step-by-Step Guide to Buying the Paper You Need

By the end of this post, you will know the answer to this question for sure, “Is Paramount Essay reliable?” Most probably, you will want to try this service – it is kind of a spoiler for you from us. That is why we need to discuss the ordering process ahead.

  • Being a first-time customer, you will not find anything complicated about placing an order and obtaining your paper on this website. The Order button s not located in a convenient place, so you should be attentive to detect it. You may find it on the menu on the right side of the website’s main page. Also, you will be transferred to the initial stage of the ordering process if you select the Discount banner/button in the main body.
  • Anyway, there are several important requirements that you should specify. We highly recommend filling out all of the following fields:
  • Type of work
  • Subject
  • Academic level
  • Number of pages
  • Deadline
  • Contact info

You can also provide additional details like a detailed prompt from your tutor or sources to be used. You may attach such important docs as grading rubric as well – it will give an overall picture to the writer. If you have no sources on hands, it is okay as the company offers free research if you order a paper from scratch. It usually picks credible sources for your project.

You will also be offered some extra services before you check out. They include drafts, plagiarism reports, editing, etc. Thus, check them out as there are many useful features.

The final stage is the check-out process. We will tell more about the local fiscal policies, prices, and available methods of payment below. What you should know is that the writer will start working on your order after you send the money, so be patient and wait for your finished essay.

Who Writes Your Essays at Paramount Essay

Another important point to discuss in Paramount Essay reviews is the team of writers. Human resources matter most of all when it comes to services like this one. So, who is providing Paramount Essay writing services? The company does not offer too much information about its writers and editors, and that is the only significant gap that we managed to find.

The website does not offer a database of writers’ profiles or other details. It may look like a disadvantage, but once we placed an order and received our papers, all of the doubts were gone regarding the local experts. The company tends to find the most suitable writers for you based on your requirements. You should not take care of it unless you have worked with one of the local pros before and want the same person to write another paper for you.

According to what they say, only native-speaking experts are in the team of Paramount Essays writers. The company’s hiring policy states that they recruit only certified authors who are graduates of the most prestigious colleges and universities of the United States and the United Kingdom. Each writer seems to be quite experienced being present in this field for five or more years. As they say, some of the Paramount Essay professionals were college professors in the past.

Is It Possible to Fix the Finished Work and Do It for Free?

“Paramount Essaywhat is the revision policy?” That is another good question that you may have. Sometimes, a student may remain dissatisfied or just a bit disappointed with what he or she gets. It might be the problem of communication between both sides or else. The company understands that there might be gaps in work, so it has a so-called free revision policy.

The point is every customer may request as many amendments free of charge as necessary to meet all of your requirements. It is easy – just contact the team or your writer directly and say what has to be improved, fixed, deleted, or added. However, the company leaves the right to refuse if the client adds completely new instructions.

How about Plagiarism Issues?

Another critical issue to cover in this Paramount Essay review is plagiarism. It is the worst nightmare of every teacher and student and a serious act of academic dishonesty. If any signs of duplicate content are detected in an academic paper, such paper receives a failing grade, and, in most cases, a student has no other chance to submit this specific work again.

Taking it all into account, you should first check out whether the service you’re interested in has a free revision policy. We did it for you. We found out that Paramount Essaysis completely honest when it comes to uniqueness. They really provide clients with original works created from scratch. If they cite something, they paraphrase those pieces of text to keep the uniqueness level high (higher than 95% mark).

We have not heard about any problems with this company with plagiarism. It looks like they use accurate plagiarism checking tools to scan every piece of content written by their writers before sending the finished order to the customer. If you want to check it, request a free plagiarism report to be attached to your paper, and they will do it.

Quality of the Customer Support Service

When we were writing this Paramountessays.comreview for you, we were testing the way customer service works all the time. We contacted it several times during the cooperation. At first, it was done to consult the company regarding the services and ask them to help choose the proper one. We also contacted support reps during the writing process and after.

The goal was to estimate the average response time, the REAL one as some services may lie about it, as well as examine how well the local support reps know the service. The representatives whom we reached appeared to be gentle and polite. They typically respond within a minute or two, but once they do, they keep on answering immediately to every request.

We also discovered that Paramount Essay support really works around-the-clock. We wrote to them at different time, and each of those times we receive a relatively quick and detailed response. They answered all of the questions clearly without any hesitations. Also, they consulted us on the best options as well as how to get discounts and free features. The customer care service is free of charge.

Analyzing Testimonials of the Service’s Clients

Most of the Paramount Essays reviews rely on the feedback from customers published on the website. However, it is a mistake. Of course, one should consider testimonials when evaluating the overall quality of the service, but they can be fake. We decided to have a look at the testimonials only after we assessed the factors mentioned above as they matter more to us.

It is quite difficult to find them on the website. Feedback is not located separately on the home page like other services usually do. However, we noticed that there are both negative and positive comments published. Some neutral comments are also present. We left feedback ourselves, and it was published during 24 hours. It means that the real customers share their impressions, and most of them are, most probably, real people. As this company produces quality papers and does not lie to its customers, they are okay with publishing all the comments as they are sure in their competence.

That is true that most of the testimonials are positive. However, they do look like they were written by real students. The company asks all the customers to share feedback after their common experience as it helps them to improve their services.

How Safe and Confidential the Service Is

The next question in the raw sounds this way, “Is Paramount Essay safe?” As there are plenty of scammers on the web today, this question makes sense and requires a detailed explanation. As each customer has to share some private information when buying custom essays, it is obvious that the company becomes responsible for the safety of such data. Students may wonder whether financial operations are safe as well.

Our Paramount Essaysreviews on the service confidentiality prove that you can trust this website. The company deals only with safe, time-tested payment methods. We will name them and discuss this part in more details in the corresponding section below. Anyway, in this part, we can only say that no matter which option you choose, the entire operation will be totally secure. Your financial data will remain hidden from the eyes of a third party.

Personal information such as customer’s name, billing address, contacts, or else also remains within the walls of this company. We have not heard anything bad concerning confidentiality about this service. Besides, it is not legal to share the client’s private info, and this company seems to obey the legislation. The service is legal on the whole.

In-Depth Analysis of Company’s Prices

$28,70 is the first price that pops out once you open the page with the order form and calculator. We will try to come up with the most accurate and objective Paramount Essays prices review based on the compare and contrast analysis and our personal impressions. Our team has reviewed hundreds of similar services, so we know the adequate prices for academic essay writing. We have examined many competitors to decide whether the company offers fair deals.

Sure, we have first evaluated the quality of the papers we ordered here. We ordered one essay and one term paper to see how well they can deal with the assignments of various academic levels. We remained 100% satisfied with an essay, but a term paper was sent on revision for two reasons: 1) we wanted to check this function; 2) a small part of the content we needed was missed. The writer had no issues with revising the piece, so we had no problems with agreeing on the amount of money offered initially. The company did not increase it as it has no hidden fees, and that is great.

We have also analyzed the factors that impact the total price of an order. It appears that they are:

  • Type of work
  • Length (in pages/words)
  • Complexity level (school, college, masters, Ph.D.)
  • Urgency

We recommend placing an order ahead. It will minimize prices that you pay.

Discover How Promo Codes from the Company Work

Each client of the service receives a Paramount Essay promo code when starting the cooperation. The main banner on the home page says that you can use the code to obtain a good discount for your first order. Returning customers, of course, get even more Paramount Essay coupon codes, special offers, and bonuses as it seems that the company values its loyal customers. However, it cares about the newbies as well to make sure they will remain happy with what they get and become their regular customers.

Anyway, the promo codes are not hidden from your eye even when you first enter the website. So, there is nothing special you should do to get one. What you have to do to benefit from it is to use it while placing an order. The banner says that you will get 15% off your order if you apply the offered Paramount Essays discount code. Enter it in the corresponding field of the order form and see how the price decreases in front of your eyes. The more you order, the greater your discount seems.

Things You Should Know about Local Bonus System

Except for the Paramount Essay discounts, the loyal bonus system works on this website. It means that loyal/returning customers obtain higher bonuses than the newbies, but the second ones will get a discount in any case as well. Also, the discount depends on the number of pages you order.

On the whole, combining both bonuses & discounts with freebies (options that you get free of charge like title pages, references, and research) is the most effective way to spend less money on this service. The code we used to enter while ordering test papers to prepare this review all worked, and we got our discount.

The initial price per page of an essay may seem too high for some students. You may have noticed prices like $10 or even $7 per page, but those are fake or fraudulent services you should not trust: real academic writers usually request higher compensation. Thus, it is still better to invest a bit more in terms of money and obtain a piece of content of the premium quality along with the highest mark from your teacher. Remember that with a discount and freebies, you still pay less.

What Payment Methods Are Available

In this review, we should also talk about the payment systems offered on the website. As it positions itself as a legal one, the available methods of payment are all legalized and time-tested. Those are methods known worldwide for their safety and security.

So, once you fill out the order form and insert your Paramount Essays coupon in the corresponding field, you will be transferred to the payment page – just push the button. The payment procedure itself is very safe and easy. We did not face any problems or delayed operations. It is up to the client to select the most preferred and convenient payment system.

The payment systems that the company is a partner with are from the United States and the United Kingdom mostly. They include such giants of the financial sphere as:

  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover

The total price is fixed, and the company offers no hidden costs, so do not worry about that. Thus, if you agree on the final fee, just proceed with payment. In some situations, you can try to negotiate the price with the company reps.

Is There a Money-Back Warranty?

Paramountessays.comdoes offer a full refund in several cases. This option is the best guarantee that the company does not care only about your money, and it really wants to help its customers achieve success. However, you should carefully read terms & conditions first to know when you can insist on receiving the full amount you’ve paid back.

The service, as we have mentioned several times in this review is 100% secure. Your money will not get lost or frozen. The only problem that may occur is once you receive the finished paper (or fail to receive it). In case of late order, the team will return all money to you without any problems and delays. They do not forgive writers who miss deadlines. We had talked to the manager who recalled a situation when they fired the writer who failed to submit a very responsible project on time.

Money-back warranty will make you sleep well knowing that you will get either a high-quality work or full refund. Clients can get their money back in these cases:

  • Late order/Missed deadline
  • Content that does not meet requirements
  • Poor formatting and lack of logical flow of thoughts
  • Numerous grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes
  • Rude, unresponsive writer

It Is Time to Place Your Own Order!

No matter how many Paramount Essay reviews you find online and read, you will never know the full truth without trying the service yourself. Some websites publish subjective reviews of the writing services. Others prepare negative reviews just to put their competitors face down in the dirt. That is why you should only trust yourself even though we are ready to persuade you that we do our best to offer the most objective and relevant reviews of various academic paper writing companies you’ll ever find on the web.

Do you need qualified help with your homework assignments? If you do, we can recommend this writing service. We will just remind you of the steps to take:

  • Complete the questionnaire
  • Learn the price and pay
  • Get your personal writer
  • Receive the finished work

In the end, look through the text to decide whether it is okay or not. Do not forget about free revisions anyway.

That Is Why We Can Recommend This Service

We think that even though this service might not be the best of the best in the academic writing market, it still deserves your trust. If you ask us about Paramount Essays rating, we would definitely put it at least 8/10. As different people may perceive the same pieces of information differently, we do not exclude that you may not love this service. However, most of the students agree with us that you can rely on this team. Its main benefits are:

  • Large discounts and special offers
  • No hidden costs
  • The exceptional quality of papers
  • Many services and papers to choose from
  • Competent, native-speaking writers and editors
  • Secure payment methods

Guarantees of safety & confidentiality

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