Grademiners Review 2019

Grademiners Review 2019 – They Are Capable of Helping You best

This is a site that lives up to all its promises and commitments. I got help with a complicated task myself, and they served me in the best way possible. I’m sure you’ll have an experience with them as good as mine, if not more. There are tremendous discount opportunities, and the standard of help is exceptional.

About Grademiners – Does Grademiners Work?

The Internet has brought along with it all kinds of opportunities and help services. A revolutionary change causes this in the way people work as well as consult others, and academia is no different. So let me explain what is grade miner. It’s a team of professional writers who help people in completing their writing tasks. The tasks can be of any kind and any level of complexity. Essays, poems, research papers, blogs, dissertations, and book reviews are just some of the projects this site offers help with.

Many people tend to think – is grademiners legit? The reason is that they can’t understand how it helps customers. The service is legit because it is meant for research purposes and personal use of the clients. Before a customer can take help from this site, he/she has to agree that he/she will not use the paper in any way that breaks the applicable school rules and laws. The service has been designed to function as a key book. Consulting books have been there in the markets all the time. Just like that, this is a service that delivers help online, so it’s logical to consider legit.

The customers of this site belong to a variety of academic levels, with some of them studying in middle schools, others in high schools, and some enrolled in colleges and universities. Whether it’s a math question a student is not able to solve or a scholarship essay that he/she needs to write to apply in a college of choice, the site has professionals that help out the students with every kind of work. Other than students, the site is used by business personnel as well as professionals serving in different fields. I know because I’ve read grademiners reviews of engineers and IT professionals who got their programs made from this site.

Clients tell what they want, and the service finds them writers or editors depending upon whether a user wants a paper written from scratch or wants editing services on an already existing paper. Since the nature of works the site offers help with is such that they are very important, you might be thinking – is trustworthy? So I’d answer positively because I’ve used this website myself. It lives up to all guarantees that it displays on its site. Your work is finished, checked, and submitted to you on time, and it adheres to all your instructions.

Let me also tell you that in an attempt to write a comprehensive review for grademiner, I’ve done a lot of homework and research on this company. By this, I mean that I’ve read over 100 reviews on this site, and the places I visited are not limited to the site itself but span a range of sites on the Internet. You know how people these days discuss their experiences with different services and websites on discussion forums. That’s where I learned a lot about this service.

Best Design that Brings All Information Together in a Concise Manner

It’s not common to find a site’s review that admires something as basic as its design, but I’ve even found one such grade miners review. The customer felt like talking about it because the design is actually very simple yet functional. If you go to this service, you’ll find that the main page as themes of white, orange, and dark grey. The text on a white background is black, and that on a dark grey background is white. This optimizes the readability of the content.

The information has been organized logically, so you’ll find different kinds of services, sections of ‘about us,’ guarantees, prices, and reviews on separate links. The ‘order’ link is right at the top to save the time of customers who approach the site in a hurry and want urgent services. The home page shows stats, and I have to agree that they are very impressive and indicative of the high quality of grade miner writing. They include 10 years of experience, more than 3500 experts’ team, a 97% rate of timely completion of orders, and 9/10 rating.

The platform is exciting and has a cartoon theme. You can also see a video presentation that tells you everything about the website and right next to it lies a box full of popcorns. The reviews can also be seen on the home page. The content briefly discusses its potential for help with each kind of writing task.

Overall the website is very nicely designed, and you can find all kinds of information in a few clicks. Every customer who’s done a grade miners review has given the service a high rating. I can say that even from the design alone, this service captivates the visitors.

My Own Experience with Grademiners Services

When I had to get help with my research paper, I consulted a couple of academic websites. The reviews I read led me to this site because it was quite popular among the users. At first, when I entered my order’s details in the instructions’ form, I noticed that grademiner prices were not very low, but when I learned that 15% discount would apply and 10% of the money will go to my own account with the website, I found the overall price quite cheap.

So I ordered a research paper on ‘modern transport systems in the US’. It was a 10-page long paper which would be completed in 48 hours with 20 high-quality academic references in it. I knew that the order required substantial research work, so I could extend the deadline if the writer asked for it.

But rather than asking for an extension, my writer delivered the research paper to me in 8 hours only. This means that she wrote more than 1 page in an hour and trusted me; it deserved the best grade miners rating. All references had been drawn from reputable journal papers too.

How Customers Order Essays On the Site

There’s a very easy process for it. You find the link at the top of the page. Go to the section where it reads ‘calculate your order.’ I’ve read a grade miner review that talked about the ease of order placement too. There are four fields you have to fill up – a type of work, level, deadline, and several pages. By level, I mean academic level, e.g., high-school or college, etc. Even if you don’t fill these cells up, they are filled already. You have an option of selecting a different option from the drop-down menu though.

Filling up these cells leads you to a standard price of the order. That can be modified to a special price if you provide the company with your email address. When you hit the ‘order now’ button, the page turns into an instructions’ form. There, you see four steps, and the total cost is displayed towards the right. In one grademiner review, the customer expressed a liking for this display of cost on the right side.

You may choose or leave out the extra services. They include getting yourself a top writer, making your order a top priority, and such other options. If you choose them, you get an even better service concerning those features, but the price gets increased. In most reviews that I’ve found, I’ve noticed that customers were happy to select those options because their orders were instantly taken up by top writers and they had no inconvenience in the process whatsoever.

After the form has been filled and all details have been conveyed, you proceed towards the secure checkout, pay, and have your order assigned to the writer. He/she talks to you over the message board. You clarify instructions and get the work by the deadline.

Grademiners Writers Are Prudently Chosen

I have to admit that the quantity of writers I’ve seen on this website is the maximum. I have not seen any other website that is equipped with a team of more than 3500 writers. I even mentioned this fact in the grademiner review that I wrote myself after getting my research paper. 3500 is a vast number especially when every one of those thousands of writers is highly educated and a skilled professional.

The writers are so professional because they are carefully selected. I mean just look at the service of the writer I had. She took just 8 hours to write my paper while she had 48 hours for it. And she didn’t even ask me one question throughout. Whatever instructions I had written sufficed for her, and she understood everything in the best way. Writers and editors of this service are commonly praised in reviews because all customers are happy with their performance.

While thousands of people want to join the company as writers, only a few are given this opportunity. Applicants are given tough writing tasks and grammar tests to pass. Only the ones with a perfect sense of English, writing skills and knowledge are approved.

When You Want Changes in Your Paper – There’s a Legit Way

Customers in reviews seem totally satisfied not only with the work delivered the first time but also with the revisions. Of course, a customer may occasionally want a revision. After all, it’s totally a different person with a different mind who does your work. Sometimes, customers have some comments on the file they get. So they have 14 days to tell the company to revise it for free when the order is up to 20 pages long. This period ranges over 30 days for even longer assignments.

Grademiners Service Believes in Delivering Absolutely Plagiarism Free Work

Tell me whether the company delivers original content – I mean plagiarism policy of grade miners is it reliable? Yes, delivering original work is this company specialty. They mention on their home page that they use Copyscape to check the essays for plagiarism. That’s compelling software. No paper carrying any plagiarism can go through this software undetected.

The policy against plagiarism is rigorous. The website doesn’t tolerate any instance of plagiarism. So writers have to agree while signing the terms and conditions before becoming part of this company’s team that they would never plagiarize. If someone still does plagiarize, the company fines them, and the fines are hefty.

You can deem the plagiarism policy of reliable because there’s a proper process involved in the checking of papers. Every single order is checked not only for plagiarism but also to ensure that it’s exactly as required by the client. To achieve this, the company has introduced a step of checking of papers by quality assurance section between the writer’s order completion and the client’s attainment of it. Hence, you can be sure that there won’t be any copied or cheated content in your work.

Best Communication Channel and Helpful Customer Service

Excellent communication is among the most praiseworthy aspects of grademiner customer service. The website employs a mechanism through which the administrators can remain in contact with both writers and customers all the time. One of the requirements of doing work as a writer on this company is that a person should be available and reachable on the phone all the time. So whenever a customer wants an immediate reply from some writer, the administrators can be requested to contact them.

You’ll find the live chat facility on the main page as you visit the site. The feature is there so that customers can come in contact with the administrators as per their convenience and the calls are totally free. In addition to that, the website also displays its phone number on top of the home page.

The role of support in fostering quick and productive interaction between writers and customers is quite evident. The website also notifies a customer whenever any milestone regarding the project has been achieved. Whether a writer has just got assigned to your order or the writer has uploaded a draft for you so you can see the progress, you get a notification on your phone.

Grademiner Testimonials Are a Testament to High Quality

Reviews on the site are great. Just go and have a look. Each review not only contains remarks, but also marks a customer gives a writer out of 5, customer ID, writer ID, subject of assignment or essay, and date it was completed. All reviews highlight different areas of excellence and qualities of the service. There’s admiration for the quality of work, speed of service, compliance with customers’ instructions, and customers’ intention and willingness to use the service again.

And what’s even more important and noteworthy is that all reviews are genuine. For example, there’s a review in which the customer has given the writer 4.5 marks out of 5 and has said that although the content is great, yet the background of slides should have been more presentable. If the website wanted, it could have manipulated this grademiner review so the customer could be shown giving full 5 marks to the writer rather than 4.5, and the comment had no mention of the less presentable background of the slides, but the site operators didn’t do any such thing. And if you note, even in this review, the customer’s not complaining about the content or ideas, but about the background that can easily be changed.

The Site Grants You Absolute Confidentiality

Your data and activity on the site are fully protected in every sense. Take chatting for example that you do with the administrators over the Live Chat or with the writer on the message board – it’s completely anonymous. On this site, customers chat with writers without displaying their names in the messages. All a writer can read is a customer’s ID. Likewise, a customer cannot know the real name of a writer. He/she can just see the writer’s ID. Sharing the ID is important because the customer may choose the same writer for future projects if he/she wants.

The company dwells by providing its customers with complete confidentiality and safety. No grademiners fraud has been reported today regarding the breach of this important rule. Your details are neither shared with any school nor outside agency or person. The company knows that the more it protects the clients, the more they will rely on it for help and will also bring it more business by suggesting the site to others. Only there’s one case when a client’s data may be shared with a bank, and that’s when he/she commits a crime of using a stolen credit card.

Grademiners Prices Review and Ways to Lower the Rates

I’ve observed the prices of orders at many sites and have a fair idea of the average, high and low rates. About this site’s rates, I have to say that they aren’t the least, but they fall in the lowest to middle range. In other words, they are not as high as the middle range but not as low as the least rates either. But I’m talking about the overall price here. When you consider coupon codes and apply them on the total prices, the rates certainly become the lowest.

Besides, you can control your order’s price yourself as well. But for that, you have to understand how the system works and how the costs are calculated. An order’s rate is decided based on its academic level, length, work type, and time from the order’s placement until the deadline. The easier the conditions you provide the writer with, the lower your order’s rate gets.

While conducting this prices review, I should also draw your attention to bonuses. It’s a two-way concession – one through discounts, and other through bonuses. Both taken together, the original price is reduced almost by 30% to 40%.

You May Be Lucky and Get Grademiners Promo Code

One of the best moments of one’s experience with this company is when one gets a grade miner promo code. It’s a kind of discount. The difference between ordinary concessions and this discount is that this is greater than the other ones. It’s not everyday that the company offers a promo code to its users. It takes being a regular customer for one to be able to enjoy it.

Most often, grademiners promo codes are offered to customers individually through emails. They are generally tied to important occasions or seasons. A suitable occasion for offering a promo code is Christmas or Easter. These codes bring happiness to the clients and take their holiday enjoyment to a whole new level.

After I had got my work done from this company, Easter was near. One day, as I was checking my messages on the cell-phone, I suddenly got an email notification reading ‘big Easter promo happiness.’ I clicked the notification to see the details, and it was a beautiful card wishing me a happy Easter. There were eggs on it that were cracking open to reveal a discount of 25% – now that’s a substantial concession.

Different Ways to Get Bonuses from the Company

The company keeps offering its clients bonuses to keep them motivated and make the help available to them at the lowest possible price. For one, you immediately qualify for discount code with the very first order you place here. That’s 15% off your order. Furthermore, you get a bonus with every order you place. It so happens that the company does not take 10% of the order’s price after the deduction of discount, but stored in your account as credit.

Next time when you approach the company for help with a new order, you already have this credit to use. But that’s not all – after the first order, 5% of every order’s total price is again stored as a credit in the account balance, after deduction of previous credit of course. This credit keeps building up, and eventually, you can even get an order done free of cost by utilizing this credit.

Besides, there’s a referral program for bonuses too. If a person uses the link you gave him/her to place the order, you get a bonus in your account as well. I’ve frequently read about such reasons for bonuses in different reviews on

Easy Payment Methods That You Can Always Trust

There’s nothing to worry about payment on this site. Usually, this is one of the biggest concerns of a customer. Particularly when you’re using a service for the first time, you want to be sure that it’s legit and genuine. You don’t want grademiners scam service, so you need confirmation that the payment process is smooth and error-free.

I’ve observed the payment methods of a variety of websites and can say with surety that this site not only offers you the same methods as others but also others that are not offered by other companies usually. Generally, all writing websites provide customers with the facility to pay through Visa, PayPal, or MasterCard. But this site also accepts payments through Discover and American Express.

You can fully consider grade miner safe since all these methods of payment are commonly known and trusted for their efficiency, transparency, and security of customers’ data and money. It’s hard to find a person these days who doesn’t have at access to at least one of these methods of payment – they are all so widely used. When I had to pay, I simply used my credit card. The payment was processed in an instant.

Some Cases When a Customer Is Eligible for a Refund

Customers of this site enjoy a fair policy of refund. For example, at most other academic help sites, you may get a discount on your next order if the writer misses your deadline, but grade miners services offer you refund even in such a case.

Furthermore, at other sites, if the website cancels an order halfway from the point of order placement till the deadline, a customer gets a 30% cashback deposit in his/her bank or 100% money stored in his/her account with website as credit to be used on a future order, but here you get back all your money in your account.

A case in which you may get a refund is when the author doesn’t satisfy the requirements of your paper. You may ask for a refund within the revision period. Do not delay because if that passes, it is established that you’ve been satisfied and the case is closed.

The checking system – is grade miners reliable? Yes, the quality assurance department justly checks the requirements of the customer with the paper’s contents. If you are right in your claim, your request for refund is entertained.

Place Your Order and Assess the Work’s Quality

Use the site yourself, and you’ll be convinced to call grademiners a good service. Check out for discounts and promo schemes. In my case, the company had sent me a card to inform me that I qualified for a 25% concession on my next order. All I had to do was write a secret promo code while filling out a form of instructions the next time I used the service. Maybe you get a promo code too.

This site also deserves to be chosen because its policy is more user-friendly and lenient than what I’ve found at other websites. Unlike other sites, you can get 100% money deposited at your local bank if your order is canceled or you don’t download it. In most cases, the refund opportunities this company offers are better and more in users’ favor. In addition to that, grade miner discounts are big, so the service gets much more affordable.

For the best experience, post complete requirements right from the start once and for all. Make the instructions easy to understand, so they are self-explanatory. I’m confident that you should use this site to help with academic projects.

Most Important Reasons to Hire Best US Writers of Grademiners

I’ve explained quite a lot of reasons for preferring this service over others. To let you remember at least three of the most important ones, I’m listing them down here. They include:

  • Best quality of work.
  • Fair and lenient refund policies.
  • Punctuality.

Now feel safe to use this site. Ask the administrators for grade miners coupon for a discount as you place an order. You’ll get at least a 15% starting discount for sure. Use the service once, and you’ll come back again and again in the future. I suggest you avail of this help service. Place your order here.

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