Dissertations-online.com Review 2019

Dissertations-online.com Review 2019- A Happy Customer’s Experience

Well, as a satisfied customer, I am more than happy to write this review for dissertations-online for several reasons. First, such reviews on dissertations online will help other students to identify the best writing service for their needs. Second, these dissertations online review is an act of gratitude from a student who has benefitted greatly from the company.

Does Dissertations-online.com Work? A Proven History of Quality Service

What is dissertations-online.com? Dissertations-online.com is a necessary support for every student because it offers timely help in all your writing needs. I have used their service throughout my high school and university studies, and I would happily say that it is a writing service par excellence. The following dissertations-online.com review will show why I consider dissertations-online a good service. My first visit to their website took me by surprise: they have an array of nearly 2000 experts readily available to write your paper. More importantly, I was offered the opportunity to select a top-quality writer I preferred if I felt the one assigned automatically would not be competent enough. I approached the company with various writing needs over these years, and never was I served with a poor quality paper. You can approach the company with your writing needs of every kind, be it a research paper, homework, bibliography, admission essay, or just editing of your already written paper.

Is dissertations-online legit? Yes, it is. A major reason that attracted me to the service was the punctuality they exhibited in delivering the paper. As a student, you are well aware of the importance of deadlines. With dissertations-online.com to assist you, deadlines will no more scare you. The company never created such a situation for me to be worried about not being able to submit the work on time. I noticed that the company is capable of delivering a paper in as little as 3 hours if it is urgent work. That means you will be able to submit your assignments on time and be considered a disciplined student. With the tension of writing the paper put to rest, you will be able to utilize your time for other more important aspects of your academic career. You can see the same opinion expressed by many of its customers in dissertations online reviews.

More importantly, dissertations-online.com has 24/7 online customer assistance. The beauty of this system is that you are offered the option to communicate directly with the writer so that you are never left to grope in the dark. Instead, the writer will regularly update you regarding the progress of the work. This sometimes becomes very helpful because you will be able to update your professor on the progress of your work.

Another great reason to consider dissertations-online.com legit is the unlimited free revision they offer to you. From my experience with dissertations-online.com, I can tell you that the possibility of a revision is very limited. However, in the unfortunate event of a revision, I can tell you that the company will not abandon you. Admitting the possibility that you cannot be 100% correct every time, the company offers the opportunity to get your paper revised free of cost as many times as it takes. However, this situation is unlikely because you are offered a draft while the work is in progress so that you can ensure that it is in the right direction.

Equally important is the fact that they have a high-quality editorial team and a quality assurance team to help you with quality issues. The paper undergoes thorough scrutiny by these teams before delivery, and in case of any grievances from your part, they assess the paper again and offer help to ensure that you are happy with the service. I can undoubtedly tell you that dissertations-online can be a great help in your academic career. This is another reason why dissertations-online review is largely positive.

Using the Website is a Breeze: The Most User-friendly Website of This Kind

Yes, it is true. The website homepage is very easy to go through, and it indicates the company’s efficiency. On the homepage, you can see the testimonials of different people who benefitted from the company’s service. Also, the company takes the opportunity to point out that its 977 writers are British, and introduces a number of them with their photos, rating, completed orders, writing experience, and their employment history.

Along with this, the home page points out the way it recruits quality writers and how they are trained to meet the specific demands of academic writing. Another very attractive factor I noticed on the website is the availability of sample works. I found this important because I can have an idea of the kind of paper I can expect on completion of my order. I noticed sample papers of essays, dissertations and research papers on the website.

The homepage makes sure that there is no area of ambiguity so that you can place your order with confidence. To that end, the company has described the basic services you can expect from them on all orders and the additional services you can expect on additional payment. Some important services included in your basic order are direct interaction with the writer, 24/7 customer support, free quality assurance check, title and reference pages for no additional cost, and a free plagiarism check. These all are offered at a rate as low as $10 per page. To make the entire process hassle-free for busy students, the company has introduced advanced features like extra quality assurance check, text message updates, 1-page summary, plagiarism report, and service of top writers. Ordering the paper is very easy and is clearly explained on the homepage:

  • Leave the order request
  • The company reaches out to you to verify details
  • The company assigns a writer to do the paper
  • The completed paper is delivered

It only takes a few minutes for a student to understand how things work and place an order on the dissertation-online website. This is another reason why students like me happily write positive dissertations-online review.

Dissertations-online.com Offers a Wide Variety of Services to Meet All Your Writing Needs

They can help you with all the writing needs, be it any subject or any level. This is no exaggeration. A visit to the website will show you the impressive list of subjects they deal with on the homepage. They range from the traditional subjects like religion, philosophy, and literature to more advanced ones like logic and programming, computer science and information technology, engineering and construction, earth and space sciences, and health sciences and medicine, to mention but a few. At a glance, I noticed more than 50 subject areas in which they can offer help. The company is capable of writing different types of papers, including admission essays, annotated bibliography, argumentative essays, articles, dissertations, book reports, assignments, case studies, lab reports, movie reviews, personal statements, PowerPoint presentations, research proposals, research papers, scholarship essays, and a wide variety of other papers meeting your every writing need.

The writers at dissertations-online.com are well trained in these different papers, their structure, purpose, and other elements of academic writing. Also, the company directs your paper only to the writer who is the most appropriate one to handle the particular subject and difficulty level. So you will never be disappointed with the paper they write for you.

Placing Your Order is Hassle-free

You won’t feel any difficulty in placing an order even if you are visiting dissertation-online.com website for the first time. The homepage contains the ‘order now’ button for you to click. This will take you to the ‘Order Your Excellent Paper’ form, where you can fill in the details of the paper you need. The details required to be filled in this page include the subject of your paper, its level, the type of work, the formatting and citation style required, the total number of pages, whether the paper should be single-spaced or double-spaced, language, urgency, any preferred writer, email, phone number, any promo code, additional instructions and files, and so on. Don’t worry; most of these things appear in the form of drop-down menus. You only need to select the one that meets your needs from each list. Once you place the order, the company contacts you by email or phone and verifies the details. The order is then finalized with your approval, and a writer is assigned to do your paper. If you wish to have a top-level writer to do your paper, you have the option to select a top writer while placing the order at a small additional cost. That is it! Well, I forgot to tell you that there is a dissertations online coupon offering discounts on papers, and the promo code is sent to your email address. So, when you place an order, ensure that you enter the dissertations-online.com coupon codes you receive for a discount.

For every work, you are given a bonus that you will be able to use in the subsequent orders by logging into the account they create for you. I found this very useful because money was a major challenge for me as a student. Now, the company will take care of your work and will come up with an excellent paper for you well within the deadline. And if you need any clarification regarding dissertations online services, the customer service is always willing to assist you. I have experienced this effectiveness of the customer service several times, and I would rate it one of the best I have ever experienced. I am not alone; you can see hundreds of dissertations-online.com reviews with the same view.

Dissertations-online.com Writers are Highly-paid Professionals with a Passion for Writing

Why does dissertations-online work more efficiently than other writing companies? When I visited the company website, I noticed that it has about 2000 dissertations online writers, and there are about 1000 British native writers. As the company reveals, the selection policy is rigorous. The minimum educational qualification to join the team of writers is a post-graduation in any subject area along with proficiency in English along with flair in writing. Those who apply for the position take a complex grammar test that assesses their ability to use complex sentence structures accurately and without a glitch. Those who pass this test are made to write a sample paper on a topic the company gives in random on a short deadline. Those who fail to meet excellent writing standards are summarily rejected at this stage. The ones who manage to write satisfactory papers in all respects are given further training with the help of guides. Even after that, a writer’s progress is greatly determined by the quality of their writing and the customer satisfaction rate. That means every thriving writer at dissertations-online.com will be a pro in academic writing.

Another important point I noticed is that a writer never gets the chance to escape quality checking. Every paper written by every writer undergoes thorough scrutiny by the editorial board and quality assurance department before dispatch. That means writers are forced to retain quality in all papers, making dissertations-online.com safe to depend on.

Avail Unlimited Revisions If the Paper Deviates From the Instructions

This was a major concern when I first approached the company. But the fear vanished as I read the services they offer along with the paper. The company says that it will allow you to have an unlimited number of revisions free of cost! Yes, there are indeed times when a modification becomes necessary for a paper, and the company acknowledges this reality. To ensure that this does not affect your satisfaction and future, the company allows free of cost modifications if any defect is found in the paper. In case you find any issues related to format, language, quality or any other aspect, you have the option to contact the customer service and ask for a free revision, and they do not ignore your demand or charge you for that. The writer quickly reworks on your paper. I feel that dissertations-online value your time and money.

They Have a Zero Tolerance Policy to Plagiarism

An advantage of placing orders with dissertations-online.com is that you always get a paper that is free from plagiarism. The company acknowledges the importance of writing a custom paper from scratches instead of stealing from some previously done works. In addition to having a strict penalizing policy on writers for plagiarism, the company checks every paper using plagiarism checking software before they are delivered. I think it is probably the most important element of writing a paper. In my opinion, your professor may still allow you a chance to improve your paper if it has defects in any other areas, but plagiarism is considered an unethical activity of the highest degree. It will tarnish your image altogether and can result in disciplinary actions that can spoil your future. At dissertations-online.com, your paper is checked for plagiarism before delivery, and you can have a plagiarism report at a small additional payment. In either case, the paper gives you total peace of mind. There is no fear of being caught for stealing others’ work. What you get is a unique paper that is written solely for you. The beauty of this company is that the papers they deliver are not visible in Google searches. I have tried it myself, and I am convinced that, as the company claims, the paper is yours, and it is not a dissertations-online scam.

Communication and Customer Service: Willing to Respond Instantly to Your Queries

What dissertations-online offers is round the clock customer service. You can communicate with not just the dissertations-online customer service but the writers as well. There is a specifically designed message board where you can sign in and communicate with the customer support and the writer quickly. Other forms of communication enabled are text messages and emails. Students are highly likely to be in stress, especially near deadlines. The company’s customer care executives are well-mannered, courteous, and have good communication skills. Also, I have noticed that their customer service persons are not just specialists in customer interaction but are adequately knowledgeable in the field of academic writing. They are capable of helping you in a meaningful way in your writing needs with valuable suggestions. It is common for students to ask dumb questions and be impatient, but, in my experience, the customer support agents at dissertations-online are well-trained professionals who know how to help students feel at ease.

Over these years, I have talked to many customer care agents at dissertations-online, and I found all of them equally competitive in the work they do. Instead of simply luring people into placing order and purchasing a paper, the customer care agents work to ensure that the paper eventually meets your needs. Thus, you always feel respected and heard at dissertations-online.com.

Testimonials: A Testimony to the Quality They Offer

When I first approached the company, I wasn’t much confident about the outcome. However, on visiting the website, I noticed that the company had displayed many dissertations-online testimonials written by happy customers from across the world. More importantly, the company does not try to hide the few negative comments it received from a few customers. It is an indication of the company’s professionalism. Though it could easily avoid those negative comments from being displayed and use the remaining 98% of positive reviews, the company wishes to provide the website visitor with a realistic picture of its operations and achievements. Is dissertations-online.com trustworthy? Yes, it is because the positive reviews are not just limited to the company website; there are many other testimonials and reviews available online most of which are positive. It is not possible for a company today to suppress people from developing opinions and expressing the same in various forums on the Internet. If a company has nearly 13,000 customers, 86% customer retention rate, and 98% positive testimonials, the company is trustworthy, and the service they provide is worth the cost. The high dissertations online rating is due to two things: the quality of the paper they received and the easiness of communication with the dissertations-online.com support. So the high ranking it enjoys in dissertations-online reviews is the result of quality service it offers to thousands of students, and utilizing this company for writing purposes is the way to stay away from dissertations-online fraud.

Confidentiality: Your Information Is Never Revealed to a Third Party for Any Purpose

An important policy I admire about dissertations-online is that they do not share your details with a third party under any circumstances. This is the most important information I would like to reveal in this dissertations online review. If your information is leaked for any reason, you will be in serious trouble. The company knows the importance of guarding personal information and has a sophisticated system in place to see that your personal information remains safe and undisclosed. Another admirable quality is that the orders you place with dissertations-online.com remain invisible to search engines. That is, it is impossible to trace your paper back to the company website under any circumstances. Again, the paper they write for you is a custom paper, that is, a paper that is written totally for you by an expert writer. It is not a rework on a previous paper but is a paper developed from scratches to avoid the issue of plagiarism. Therefore, there is no need for a fear that somebody else will come up with a paper similar to yours in the future. The company and writers will make sure that the paper is not given to anyone either partially or fully. Thus, you have the freedom to use the paper any way you wish as your material.

Dissertations-online.com: Price Review

Dissertations-online.com writing service knows that students can’t afford huge amounts. So it intends to keep the dissertations-online prices as low as possible. According to the company website, the cost per page starts at $10. For this amount, they offer several attractive services, including free 24/7support, direct customer-writer interaction, additional QAD check for quality, title and reference pages free of charge, plagiarism check, and so on. This suffices your normal writing needs. However, if you are extra cautious, the company has paid features on offer as the service of top writer at 30% additional payment, official plagiarism report for $ 14.99, one page summary of the work for $ 9.99, text message updates for $ 3.99 and high priority for $ 9.99. You get the chance to select these additional features when you fill the order form. In addition to that, the company offers new customers a 15% discount on your orders using the dissertations online discount code the company will send to your email address. Well, that is not the end; I noticed with surprise that they offer an additional bonus that is reflected in your account immediately on payment. You can redeem this amount any time you wish to pay for an order. Now you understand why dissertations online prices review makes customers happy; it’s reliable, and it’s affordable.

Dissertations-online.com: Promo Code Review

Yes, this is the sweet secret the company keeps for those students who trust them. When I decided to place the order, I didn’t have even the faintest idea that there was such a gift waiting for me. However, on placing the order, the company sent me an email containing my promo code. Using that promo code, I was able to enjoy surprising dissertations-online.com discounts worth 15% of the total cost of the paper. I found this a generous act from the part of dissertations-online to the customers. Getting this 15% discount promo code is very easy. Just log on to the website, and often you will see a pop-up window asking you to enter your email so that the company can send the 15% dissertations-online promo codes to your email. Even if the pop-up window does not appear, there are ways for you to avail the discount. Just click the ‘place order’ button and enter the details required. The company auto-fills the promo code if it is your first order. I noticed that the promo code they use for the first order is ‘first15’. For the subsequent orders, the company will send you emails with the dissertations-online.com promo code. Utilizing these promo codes benefitted me a lot, and I am sure you, too, will find it so.

How the Bonus System Works?

This is not the only benefit the company offers you. The company offered me monetary benefits in the form of bonus payments. Yes, when I placed my first order and made the payment, five percent of the money I paid for the order was returned to me in the form of a bonus. This money cannot be withdrawn for other uses but can be used to pay for another order at dissertations-online. But is dissertations online reliable? Yes, you can rely on them. They offer the bonus the moment you make the payment for the order. This bonus can be seen in your user account. You will be able to redeem this amount anytime you wish and can use this to pay for any subsequent order you place with dissertations-online. I received a 5% bonus for every paper I bought from the company. The beauty of this system is that you will have some money in your account that comes handy when there is the need to get an urgent assignment done. By giving these substantial benefits through discounts and bonuses, the company makes one thing clear: it respects its customers and wishes to retain them as loyal customers. So it is crystal clear that they are highly unlikely to compromise on the quality of the paper as well, another reason for me to consider dissertations-online.com reliable.

Payment is Hassle-free: They Have Several Payment Options to Choose From

Dissertations-online has a payment system that aims to make payment transactions easy for students from across the world. To achieve this purpose, they have collaboration with various international payment services that are known for quality and security, like PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. This allows you the freedom to use any payment method according to your convenience and that your money transaction happens through safe hands. Also, these platforms do not reveal your details to third parties.

Most importantly, the use of these secure payment methods ensures that your banking details do not reach the wrong hands. I used to pay for my papers using PayPal, and I would like to say that I never faced any problem or delay in making the payments. What I understand from the impressive list of payment platforms the company has arranged is that it takes into consideration not just its safety but that of its customers as well. When you use any of these trusted payment services, it benefits you in two ways: first, it helps you avoid direct cash deals with the company to maintain confidentiality, and secondly, it retains enough evidence to show that you have paid the company if required in the future. Thus, the company has done a great deal to make the ordering process easy for you.

Refund: The Company Has a Clear Policy of Refund

The company does not intend to take away your money, so they have a clearly stated refund policy. We all know that there are so many writing companies that provide students with substandard papers where customers are forced to request revisions and reach the revision limit in no time without any improvement in the paper. After that, the companies again charge them for further revisions or other steps. However, dissertations-online stays different from the crowd for its user-friendly policies. The company website claims (and I have experienced) that the customer gets unlimited number of free revisions for 14 days from the date the paper is delivered. If the 14 days window expires and the paper is still not satisfactory, you have 14-30 days to get a full refund. That means you are never made to leave the company dissatisfied: the company will do its best to see that you receive a paper that meets your needs, and, if they fail to accomplish it under any circumstances, they offer you your money back.

Another important aspect of the refund policy is that if, in any case, the order has to be canceled due to unavoidable circumstances, the company is willing to understand your situation and offers you a full refund. Yes, you can ask for a full refund before you download the final paper.

Why Choose Dissertations-online?

The main points raised by various dissertations online reviews to consider are

  • It values its customers: This is the most customer-friendly writing I have ever come across. I want to recommend to everybody who wishes a trouble-free interaction and quality service.
  • It offers a variety of papers: I don’t think it is a great idea to depend on a writing service that offers limited types of papers. If a writing company is sophisticated enough, it will have the mechanism and workforce to handle all types of papers. When I visited dissertations-online website, I noticed that the types of papers they write vary greatly, and total number was about 40. But this is not the case with many writing services online. Some offer even less than 10!
  • It shows samples of work: When a company shows me a dissertation they have written for a student, it is a kind of assurance that mine is highly likely to be as effective as the sample paper. Also, the sample paper indicates that the company is confident about its writers and papers.
  • It offers quick services: Yes, if the company is capable of handling a paper quickly, it indicates that its system is well-functioning. Dissertations-online guarantees you to deliver the paper on time, even when the deadline is as close as three hours!

Why Wait? Place Your Order to Check Quality

I am thankful to dissertations-online for making my student life easier and funnier when things were difficult for me. Don’t hesitate to approach dissertations-online.com for your writing needs of any kind. Papers of all levels, all subjects, and all deadlines are safe with the company. It is this conviction that made me write this dissertations-online review.

Well, placing one order with dissertations-online will help you better understand the benefits involved than simply reading several positive dissertations-online.com reviews. There are so many situations in a student’s life when it becomes difficult to write a paper: for example, lack of knowledge in a particular subject area, lack of access to a particular set of resources, lack of knowledge in a particular citation or formatting style, lack of linguistic skills, or lack of time. Dissertations-online can act as your one-stop solution in all these situations. Just place your order and spend your time on other important things. Your paper will be safe at dissertations-online.com.

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